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I'll write a critique since you asked for one. Ignore the star ratings... I personally think they're stupid and unnecessary and I'm nev...

Ignore the stars. I don't think they're really relevant to critiquing... DA just put them there because they look shiny or something. I...

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Commission prices vary depending on many different factors. Because of this, I quote prices on an individual bases via e-mail. This is also how I send out my ToS and other commission information.

If you would like to purchase a commission from me, please drop me an e-mail and I can reserve you a place in my queue.

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Magical Monarch - Elsa by KrisCynical
Magical Monarch - Elsa


The title is a little corny, but meh. The picture is the important part. lol

This was my new piece for AnimeFest 2014: Elsa from Frozen. I, just like everyone else on the bandwagon, LOVED the movie and just the general look of Elsa's magic made my head spin because swirly sparkles is my thing. I think I watched the "Let It Go" sequence on my tablet a hundred times while brainstorming and listened to the song on the soundtrack endlessly while working on this. I know every single gesture, lyric, and movement in that song now. :x

I think I made some advances in this piece, particularly in manipulating texture overlays on her dress (which is a pain in the ass to draw and color, believe you me). The bodice is a brick wall turned on its side and manipulated to roughly follow the curve of her back and bust, and the skirt is actually a roll-up metal door turned on its side and pasted a bajillion little times to get it to flow with the fabric folds.

Moral of the story picture: don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to textures!

Illustrator CS2, Photoshop CS2,

Frozen ©Disney
The Big Three-oh: Elsa Cake by KrisCynical
The Big Three-oh: Elsa Cake

Those of you who have been watching me for a while knew that this was coming eventually as it does every year (except last year because that cake turned out friggin' TERRIBLE because of crappy off-brand fondant and I didn't want to share it). This year's theme: FROZEN.

Yes, as the title states, I hit the big 3-0 this year. Since it was a milestone birthday, I wanted to do this cake up to the nines. This included a rhinestone "30" insert, rhinestone cake trim, and sugar diamonds. I got that lovely satin look to the frosting by dousing it in Wilton metallic silver Spray Color, which is basically edible spray paint.

Elsa is Wilton fondant painted with gel food dye cut with vodka. You can't use water on fondant or else it will melt, so vodka is a common substitution (the alcohol evaporates out of it as it dries and leaves little to no taste as opposed to almond extract, which is another common substitution). Details are added with a fine line food dye marker. The sheen is Wilton pearl dust brushed on top of the food dye paint, and her "cape" is edible glitter gel.

 I was SO HAPPY with how this came out I can't even. :dummy:

Frozen ©Disney

Standard yearly disclaimer for the newbies: Yes, I decorate my own birthday cake. My mother bakes and frosts it for me and I decorate it because it's fun for me. I can experiment that way and if it turns out hideous, it's MY cake and not someone else's!

That and if I didn't decorate it myself, I'd get candy letters.

If I were to compile a 2015 calendar of my Inuyasha fanart, would you be interested in ordering one? The price with shipping would be $25-30, spiral bound, professionally printed. I'll have to get individual quotes for international shipping. 

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[UPDATE 7/10] Biopsies Suck.

Mon Jul 7, 2014, 5:54 AM
  • Mood: Relief
  • Listening to: My air conditioner in my bedroom.
  • Playing: Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • Eating: Applesauce
  • Drinking: Diet Coke
They just do. Biopsies on your hands suck, too. Biopsies on the first knuckle on your hands suck even more.

My genetic heritage in my family is Norwegian Swede on my dad's side and what I call a "potluck of pasty" on my mom's side since her family is a genetic mutt of every lily white nationality in Europe. Because of our glowing pastiness, we are VERY prone to skin cancer. Both my parents have had skin cancer removed before, and my mom has a squamous cell carcinoma on her nose right now that she's having removed in the coming weeks. My oldest sister had skin cancer removed from her lip. My uncle has had TONS of skin cancers removed from his face and arms, one of which on his nose was as big as a quarter and required plastic surgery after removal. 

Coppertone loves my family.

Because of this family history I have kept a very close eye on my skin since I was a teenager, making note of every mole and mark on me to make sure they didn't change. So when a spot popped up on the back of my left hand — right on top of the first knuckle of the middle finger — at the end of February, I was on high alert to keep an eye on it. 

By the beginning of May the spot had grown to a little larger than a pencil eraser, and it was raised. I already had a routine doctor appointment set for June, so I waited to see what he had to say about it. After examining it closely, he said he thought it was a keyloid scar and NOT cancer. He previously diagnosed a spot on my mom's shoulder as a keyloid scar that ended up being basal cell carcinoma, though, so I didn't take that as the final word. He prescribed me some steroid cream to try for a couple weeks, saying if it was a keyloid I'd see marked improvement. If not, go see a dermatologist.

The cream did absolutely NOTHING, so last week I went to see a dermatologist I found after doing thorough research. She didn't think it was a keyloid, but she didn't think it was cancer, either. I forgot what she said she thought it was, but it's a fibrous growth that is common to women and benign. Given my family history, though, she still wanted to biopsy it to be safe. 

Numbing injections SUCK. Numbing injections on top of bone suck even more. Good GOD, ow. Owowowowow, expletive expletive how many more times do you need to stick me, expletive, OW.

While I was there I had her give me a onceover and at least that brought VERY good news. Not only is there nothing else suspicious, she said she rarely sees anyone with "practically NO sun damage at all" and that my skin is so healthy it glows.

Thank you for slathering me with sunblock all through my childhood, Mom! Thank you for hating being outside, self!

Back to the biopsy, though. I had to have stitches (which was the first time I have EVER had stitches, actually!), and they will come out on Monday the 14th. I'm hoping to get them out sooner, though, like Friday or Saturday. I'm going out of town on Tuesday the 15th so I'd rather it not be the day before I leave. I have stuff to do (and a work deadline to meet which might take a small miracle at this point for reasons outside of my own fault or control). But I digress.

If this thing had been on ANY other part of the back of my hand, or even the second or third knuckle, it wouldn't have been a big deal. I could have at least worn a finger splint to keep the knuckle from moving, but nooo. It has to be on the knuckle that is basically impossible to completely immobilize. And I was terrified I was going to subconsciously go to grab something and rip open the stitches because they're seriously smack dab on the top of the knuckle.

Do you realize how hard it is to not move your first knuckles?! You move your first knuckles to do EVERYTHING. You can't take off or put on clothes. You can't dry yourself off after showering. You can't drive because you can't grip the steering wheel. It's like when you twist your ankle or hurt your wrist. You have no CLUE how much you pivot on your ankle or move your wrist until it hurts to do so! I had to wrap my hand in ace bandages for the first two days to keep that knuckle immobilized. It rubbed me raw in other places, but I'd rather be raw in a couple places than have those stitches pulled open.

Then on the 3rd-4th days I accidentally grabbed at my sheets in bed — which made me make a fist — TWICE. Holy crap in a pita that woke me up really damn quick. 

Thankfully I'm healed enough now that I can grip things and make a fist, albeit not tightly for either. It still pulls on the stitches, but at least it doesn't zap me the way it did when the incision was fresh. My middle finger is also bruised to a lovely shade of baby poop green all the way up to my second knuckle for some odd reason.

Did I mention I have a work deadline among all this? Not like a commission that I can explain a delay to a client for, but a work deadline for one of the production companies I work for as a colorist that CANNOT. BUDGE. And my art director has been delayed by several days in getting the art to me for me to color, which has made an already tight deadline for me all the more stressful since I can only work for so long at a time before my back/neck and nerve hypersensitivity tells me to stop by making it unbearable to even sit down in my desk chair. Good juju would be appreciated to help me get this stuff done, please. :x

But I digress AGAIN.

I still don't have the pathology back on the biopsy. I really HOPE it isn't cancer, but I won't know for sure until they call me with the results. I'll either update this journal entry or make a new one once I DO get the results back. So good juju would be appreciated for THAT, too.

I really do hate my frickin' body sometimes. :stare:


UPDATE 7/10:


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Kristin Bergh
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
BFA in Illustration
Ringling School of Art and Design

Freelance Illustrator, Designer, and Colorist

Hello there. I'm Kris. I've been drawing since I was three years old and grew up with every bit of art supplies I could ever want thanks to my incredibly supportive parents (who didn't say "Oh, God, where did we go wrong?!" when I told them I wanted to go to art school for college). I earned my BFA in Illustration from Ringling where I met some amazing artists in my classmates and learned some amazing things. I now work as a freelance illustrator, designer, and colorist for individual clients as well as Brown Cow Productions, Smoking Mouse Design Studio, and ARC Interactive. I specialize in children's illustration but can do just about anything a client could ask of me including graphic design. I enjoy illustrating stories and conveying emotion in my work through facial expression, body language, and movement. I also love playing with light and shadow.

When I was growing up I didn't really have any other artists around me to learn from despite how hard my parents searched for an art tutor for me. Because of that, I'm always happy to help younger artists through answering questions about art school or giving constructive critique when asked. While I don't sugar coat my crits, I'm not mean, either -- I do my best to offer solutions and suggestions for art books and artist resources in order to encourage improvement. If you would like for me to critique something for you, don't hesitate to note me!

On the fandom side, I draw fanart in my free time for my own enjoyment and dA is where I showcase it all. I am also crazy about Inuyasha. It was my first true anime love and over 10 years after first discovering it, it's still by far my favorite series. Kagome and Inuyasha are my OTP which is why 99% of my Inu fanart is of the two of them. I'm best known in the fandom for drawing them in my own style rather than the anime canon style, or at least that's what I've been told.

Oh, and contrary to what most people on dA assume, I am not a boy!
I have the boobs to prove it.

"The greater the artist, the greater the doubt; perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize."
-- Robert Hughes



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